Unsolicited feedback January 26 2023, 0 Comments

Jack Tim Russell
Derek Murray I literally have tried every tip on the market as I have access via the pro shop. I have changed ferrule material as well and found a better response with it. Thousands of potted balls across matches and tournaments alike, it’s what I found I liked most. Everyone I let hit with my cue , even the anti cf guys, really like the way it plays. The other thing is the guy that does ALL of my work Terry Lee Oeffner, of is the one who makes the shaft I use. Ion. He has more R&D into the shafts than anyone else I know. He’s shared that knowledge with me and he finally produced a product I literally couldn’t put down. Foam type an densities, weight bolt, the weight and placement are all what factors into what makes each shaft different. His is a hybrid of the best of all imho.

Pro Shop at Boulevard Billiards Closed as of 9/1/2022 September 30 2022, 0 Comments

Sorry to say my Pro Shop at Boulevard Billiards in Ocala, Florida has closed.  Bouldevard has closed its doors permanently as of September 1, 2022.  The landlord will be demolishing the building.  

I will be working from my home until I can find a new venue.  I am taking appointments for Saturday mornings.  I still do repairs and have lots of cues and accessories.  Call 352-427-1164 for appointment.

Coming Soon! Snapshot Pro Tungsten Ferrules New sizes for Snooker Cues- 9 mm, 9.5 mm, 10 mm, 10.50 mm June 15 2018, 0 Comments

I am pleased to announce that Snapshot Pro Tungsten Carbide Ferrules will soon be available for Snooker Cues.  The new sizes will be as follows:

9.00 mm OD x 7.00 mm ID x 8.00 mm Long

9.50 mm OD x 7.50 mm ID x 8.00 mm Long

10.00 mm OD x 8.00 mm ID x 8.00 mm Long

10.50 mm OD x 8.50 mm ID x 8.00 mm Long

These new sizes will be available soon.  They are being produced now and I will post when they are in stock.

Thanks,  Terry



This year's BCAPL will be bigger than ever.  Singles, Doubles and Team Events in more than 40 divisions.  Please stop by our booth #19 for Cues, Cases and Accessories.

Important Dates

June 4: Last day for early entry discount
June 11: Last day for personal checks
June 25: Registration ends for most divisions
June 29: Last day for refund requests
July 2: TBA names due
July 6: Last day for division change requests

Event Facts

5,500+ players
40+ divisions for all skill levels
300+ Diamond pool tables
700+ mini-tournaments
​50+ exhibitors

Super Billiards Expo April 09 2018, 0 Comments

Leaving tomorrow for the Super Billiards Expo in Philadelphia April 12-15.  This is a major event for pros and amateurs alike.  Expect to see over 6000 pool players from around the world and over 300 Diamond tables.  Lots of action all day and all night long.  Stop by my Booth #655 for great deals on cues, cases and accessories.  I will also be doing cue repairs.  Don't miss out on this great event!

Florida West Coast Challenge Tournament April 09 2018, 0 Comments

The Florida West Coast Challenge was a major success.  I met lots of great people and saw lots of old friends and customers.  This is always a great event.  Thanks Kathy, Mikayla and everyone else involved for putting on such a great event.


2017 Super Billiards Expo April 04 2017, 0 Comments

This year's Expo was highly successful.  Many thanks go out to those who visited my booth and to those who purchased from me.  This year I did repairs and installed many Navigator Japan tips.  In my opinion they are best tips in the world and feedback from users confirm it.  out my website.  Terry



Thank you to Ryotaro Horiuchi from Navigator Japan for all your support.

Gearing up the Super Billiards Expo March 30-April 2, 2017 Booth 655 March 15 2017, 0 Comments

Getting ready to drive up to Philadelphia on the 28th.  Set up booth 655 on the 29th.  I will be doing repairs this year so stop by and see all the new stuff.  I am pleased to announce that Ryo Horiuchi from Navigator Japan will be here too.  See the new line of beautiful Navigator Cue Cases.  Hope to see you there.

2016 TAP Pool League National Championships November 17 2016, 0 Comments

Packed up and ready to drive to Charleston, SC for the 2016 TAP Pool League National Championships. Event is being held at the Embassy Suites Convention Center and runs from Friday November 18 through Tuesday November 22. If your are going to attend this event don't forget to stop by my booth!

Tornado Open Pool Tournament at the Hollywood, Fl Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino September 28-October 2 September 24 2016, 0 Comments

Loading up for next week's Tornado Open Pool Tournament at the Hollywood, Fl Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Snapshot® Cues & Ferrules is proud to be a participant in this event and will be offering quality Cue Sticks, Cases, Tips and Accessories for sale, and of course the world's best ferrule-the Snapshot® Pro Premium Tungsten Carbide Ferrule. If you plan on attending please stop by our large 20 foot booth.
$100,000 Added
4 Live Stream Tables
Pro Events: Men’s 10-Ball Pro Event
Women’s 10-Ball Pro Event
Scotch Doubles 10-Ball (Jack & Jill)
Amateur Events: Amateur Women’s 9-Ball Event
Amateur Men’s 9-Ball Event
Native Events: Women’s 9-Ball & 8-Ball Events
Men’s 9-Ball & 8-Ball Events
Hope to see your there. Terry Lee Oeffner

Super Billiards Expo 2016 April 27 2016, 0 Comments

Hi everybody.  I had a wonderful and very successful time at the 2016 Super Billiards Expo in Philadelphia April 14-17.  I loaded up the Ram 2500 and drove up from Ocala, Florida on Tues. and arrived at the Expo Hall on Wed. morning, set up the booth and checked into the hotel.  Even though the event started Thurs. practice tables were open Wed. evening so I decided to come back and open for business.  Wed. night was one of my busiest.  

This event draws all of the big name manufacturers.  You name them and they were there.  I felt very fortunate that the Snapshot Brand name is getting out there and that a small enterprise run entirely by me can compete.  It was well worth it even though the days were long starting at 5:00 AM and closing the booth at 10:00 PM.  I'll be there again next year.

Many thanks to Ryo Horiuchi from Navigator Japan.  Navigator is the manufacturer of the incredible hand made, 100% high density premium pig skin cue tips.    They use a high tech non liquid resin between layers, natural harmless dyeing and 4 quality control checks before completion.  The result- tips with humidity resistance, less mushroom, less miscues. Many Japanese pros have switched to these tips and now Navigator is expanding worldwide.  I am pleased and proud to be selected as the Navigator Distributor for Florida.

Thanks to all my new friends and customers and to Manny Lucca for his help.

Here's a few pics.


Florida West Coast Challenge 2016 April 27 2016, 0 Comments

Had a very successful 4 days at the Florida West Coast Challenge in Tampa Florida April 7-10.  Here are a few pics.  Thanks to Kathy King and her team for all their hard work putting this tournament together.  Also thanks to all my friends from the Bahamas for their strong support for my Snapshot Cues and Ferrules.   Special thanks to Manny Lucca for all his help.  Looking forward to next year.

Getting Ready for the Super Billiard Expo in Philadelphia March 26 2016, 0 Comments

Getting Ready for the Super Billiard Expo in Philadelphia.  This is one of the largest Billiard Expos in the country.  Event is being held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center April 13 thru 17.  Please stop by my booth #655.  I will be debuting my new Vektor Low Deflection Shafts.

Gearing up for Florida West Coast Challenge Tournament March 26 2016, 0 Comments

Gearing up for Florida West Coast Challenge Tournament in Tampa, Florida.  Tournament is being held at the Doubletree Hotel Tampa Airport Westshore.  Starts Thursday, April 7 and goes through Sunday April 10.  I hope to see you there.  Stop by my booth and say Hi!


Great Customer Feedback from Steven Keith March 26 2016, 0 Comments

Playing with my new Snapshot Sneaky Pete. Ordered as per my specifications. 21 oz. with polished tapered shaft with a 12 1/4 millimeter tip. It is One nice stick. Thank You Terry Lee Oeffner, Owner and inventor of Snapshot® Cues. Another great piece of work on your part.

Another Great Repeat Customer! Thanks for the kind words. March 24 2016, 0 Comments

Went to Terry Lee Oeffner to pick up my custom made Snapshot sneaky Pete. While I was there I perused his supply of cues and found very nice once newly available and very reasonable. He does make nice cues.

2016 Habitat for Humanity Strawberry Festival in Ocala, Florida March 07 2016, 0 Comments

Had a wonderful and successful day at this Festival and for a good cause.  More that 25,000 visitors and 177 vendors participated.  Weather was perfect.  Met lots of nice people and made many new contacts.  Here's a few pics.


Visit us at the Florida Billiard Expo at The Villages, Florida January 28-31 January 12 2016, 0 Comments

I'm happy to announce that we will again be attending the 2016 Florida Billiard Expo at The Villages, Florida.  Our booth will be bigger than the last 2 years with more cues, cases and accessories.  If your in the area this is one event you do not want to miss.  Here is a link for all the information.

Hope to see you there.


Navigator Ultra Premium Cue Tips Now Available December 18 2015, 0 Comments

We now carry Navigator Cue Tips straight from Japan.  Retail price is $23.00 each.  Many Japanese Professionals are now using these ultra premium tips.  


Made in Japan, produced with the finest pig leather.

Our current market is mainly to custom cue makers, billiard dealers and pool halls throughout the Japan. But our aim is to market in worldwide and we have achieved sales to Korea, Singapore, Belgium, Malaysia, USA and more currently.

Navigator tip's layers are laminated in a specialized method and using our company's customized adhesive which will not affect the leathers' hardness.

It IS well known as a good chalk Taker and protected Against Humidity.
Navigator Company customized Tip for Professional Players in Japan. Aside of performance, we Are USING Premium Pigskin Which allow Tip maintenance Easier.

Navigator tip are treated with our original liquid on every layer to achieve longer bite on cue ball.

Also with the aid of the hi-density premium pig leather compared to other layered leather tip, hitting feedback and sounds are tremendously firm n crisp, lowest miscue rate and will not harden.

Imported from Japan, the Navigator layered tip consists of 100% Japanese pig skin leather. Navigator tips introduce a whole new perspective on cue tips, with colour dyed layers which when combined will create tips that not only hit well but also look great.

Our unique procedures

Pig leather hand Picking
High-tech Glueing That does not use liquid Glue
Natural, Harmlessness Dyeing
Quality Control, 4 Checks before completion

What makes our tips different?

Each Tip IS hand made ​​by Our Superior Craftsmen
We test Our tips with Pro Players & amp; FURTHER Improve with Their feedbacks
Great look & feel, Imagine HAVING a rainbow at the end of your Shaft
Humidity resistance, less Mushroom, less miscues.



Introducing Snapshot® Tip Chafer-Premium Tip Maintenance Tool November 04 2015, 0 Comments introduces our newest product:

                     Snapshot® Cue Tip Chafer

Hi performance tip maintenance tool.  This tool is manufactured with the finest quality components including a Stainless Steel Lifting Plate, 8 magnets and Hard White Birch Wood.  There are no sandpaper inserts to wear out or replace and the Stainless Steel Lifting Plate will last a lifetime.

If you're going to improve your game you need the best equipment.  


The Snapshot® Cue Tip Chafer will make your tip hold chalk better, last longer and helps to prevent the dreaded miss-cue.  Held together with magnets, this tool does not take any leather off your tip, it simply raises tiny slivers of the leather which means it will really hold and retain your chalk. You will soon notice that with practice you won't have to chalk between every shot.  Feel the Stainless Steel Lifting Plate surface and you will see that it feels like sandpaper, but it will not wear out like sandpaper. But don't scrape your tip with it!

     So how does this strange looking gadget work?

Once you have shaped your tip with our 5 Way Tip Tool   (Available on our Accessories Page) simply cup the Tip Chafer in your hand and roll your tip back and forth on the Stainless Steel Lifting Plate surface.  Apply slight pressure on the tool (see photos) and roll your tip until you cover the entire surface of your tip. You will notice your have lifted tiny slivers of your tip without removing the leather, thus making your tip hold and retain chalk much longer.  AND since you didn't remove any leather your tip will last much longer. Chalk up and you're ready to play.  


The Snapshot® Tip Chafer far out performs other tip tools, especially the tip pick and tip tapper. These tools poke holes in the leather tip, then you chalk, then you hit balls.  This packs the chalk into the holes until it is so hard you start to miss-cue.  You will miss-cue more with these than any other tool.

The Snapshot® Tip Chafer also out performs Kamui's Gator Grip. The Tip Chafer has a larger Stainless Steel surface area, is thinner and lighter than Kamui.  And best of all the Snapshot® Tip Chafer costs $10.00 less than Kamui's Gator Grip.

Made of the finest White Birch Wood

Stainless Steel Metal Chafing Surface

Very Thin and Lightweight

Held Together with Magnets

 Please visit our Accessories Page to order




Thank You Bryan Zee! October 14 2015, 0 Comments

Thank you Bryan Zee for your kind post on Facebook.   I appreciate your support!!
Terry Lee Oeffner and Bryan Zee shared a link.
Inventors, Creators, and Developers of the Revolutionary Patent Pending "Snapshot®" Premium Metal Cue Stick Ferrules. Now offering Snapshot® Cue…
  • Bought a Snapshot Pool Cue yesterday, and so far I'm liking it. Installed the patent pending snapshot metal Ferrule on it with a kamui tip. I gotta say, I'm loving the contact and English I'm getting with snap shot ferrule and kamui tip. I suggest giving these ferrules a try, and lose the frustration of replacing the basic plastic ferrules over and over. I also purchased a hand worked Cue from Terry (owner of snapshot) and the cue is very smooth with the pro taper. If your looking for a new, one of a kind cue....hit Terry up at snapshot! If you want some more info send me a P.M. and I'll give u additional contact information

Okinawa Slim and Lightning Lynn Visit Ocala, Florida this Weekend. August 10 2015, 0 Comments

Many thanks to Okinawa Slim for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit me this weekend and to help promote my business and my brand name Snapshot®.  He is a true gentleman and a friend. He also brought his protege Lightning Lynn who was so nice and beautiful and a talented and upcoming pool player.  I'm very happy to sponsor her and I presented her with one of my Snapshot® Break/Jump Cues.  She has a great attitude and personality and will surely go far.  She was a lot of fun.  Good Luck Lynn!

Slim and Lynn visited both Diamond Billiards and Boulevard Billiards here in Ocala.  They spent Friday at Boulevard Billiards and were able to meet many of my customers and friends and Diane the owner.  Saturday evening they came to Diamond Billiards.  Here they met owners Doug and Paula and more of my friends and customers.  Lynn took on all challengers and had a great time.  Slim put on a mini exhibition of trick shots and the crowd loved it.  We are going to try to schedule him for a full blown exhibition for a future date.  I really appreciate the visit.

2015 Ultimate Pool Shark Tournament July 12 2015, 1 Comment

Had a great time this last weekend at the Ultimate Pool Shark Tournament in Norcross, Ga.  This tournament paid $3000 to the winner and was a chance for 8 players plus 4 backups to participate in the filming of the pilot for the reality show "The Ultimate Pool Shark".  I was lucky enough to be one of the vendors and had an awesome time.  Business was excellent and the response and feedback on my cues and ferrules was incredible.   Met some great people and some future distributors.  One of my buddys Tim Neary from my town Ocala, Fl. is in the final 8 and my good friend Asia Cy is one of the backups.  Good Luck to you both!