FLORIDA STATE AMATEUR 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 December 15 2013, 0 Comments

I attended the FLORIDA STATE AMATEUR 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 this weekend with my friend Bob Heller (Gorilla Bob) at Zingales Billiards in Tallahassee.  This was my first tournament to show and promote Snapshot™ Ferrules since introducing and launching the website.  Attendance was amazing with over 100 players participating.  Thanks to Michael Zingale for allowing us to attend and set up a small display.

Interest in Snapshot™ Ferrules was above expectations.  Made some great contacts.  Met lots of nice people and got lots of compliments on the concept, beauty and functionality of the ferrules.  I also received some friendly and helpful advice from some real shooters, cue makers and repair pros. Thanks Tom from Triple Cross Cues.  Thanks Clint Nichols.  Thanks George Figueroa from Predator Group.  

Many thanks to Bob Heller who worked the floor showing people the ferrules and encouraging them to hit some balls with our demo cues.   He also encouraged people to sign up for 2 free ferrule giveaways.  We raffled one on Friday night and another on Saturday afternoon to very appreciative winners.  

Exposure was my main goal in attending this tournament and I definitely got that.  We had a great time and we look forward to attending many more.

Terry Lee Oeffner