Unsolicited feedback January 26 2023, 0 Comments

Jack Tim Russell
Derek Murray I literally have tried every tip on the market as I have access via the pro shop. I have changed ferrule material as well and found a better response with it. Thousands of potted balls across matches and tournaments alike, it’s what I found I liked most. Everyone I let hit with my cue , even the anti cf guys, really like the way it plays. The other thing is the guy that does ALL of my work Terry Lee Oeffner, of www.Snapshotcues.com is the one who makes the shaft I use. Ion. He has more R&D into the shafts than anyone else I know. He’s shared that knowledge with me and he finally produced a product I literally couldn’t put down. Foam type an densities, weight bolt, the weight and placement are all what factors into what makes each shaft different. His is a hybrid of the best of all imho.