2015 Villages Billiard Expo January 27 2015, 0 Comments

This year's Expo was bigger that last year as expected.  Johnny Archer and Nick Varner were the professional guests and gave great clinics and shows.  I met both of them and they were both very nice and friendly.

Interest and feedback on my Snapshot® Ferrules has been amazing.  This year I exhibited my new line of Snapshot® Cue Sticks and sales were awesome.  I also sold many accessories and cases.  

I am now converting customer shafts with regular ferrules to Snapshot® Pro Ferrules.  These new ferrules are much lighter than the original Snapshot® but have the same physical characteristics.  Customers can send shafts to me and I will convert them for $65.00 with ferrule size of choice, tip (Le Pro, Elk Master, Triangle) and shaft cleaning.  Premium tips Moori, Kamui, Tiger etc. add $25.00.  Please include $10.00 for return shipping.

Here's some photos from the Expo.