Super Billiards Expo April 16-19, 2015 April 23 2015, 1 Comment

I decided at the last minute to book a vendor space for the Expo.  I called Allen Hopkins Jr. Tuesday afternoon and he was very helpful and found a booth for me.  I booked a hotel room and started to pack.  I left for the 14 hour drive about 6:00 PM and drove til 2:00 AM and took a nap in a Rest Area.  I arrived at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks around 2:00 PM on Wednesday.  I set up the booth and while exhausted found the Hotel and passed out for the night.

The event itself was awesome.  Lots and lots of players and vendors.  I met some super nice people. Asia Cy helped me throughout the event.  I can't say enough about what an asset she was to me.   Thanks Asia!!  We worked the booth from 8:00 AM until 9-10 PM.  Sales were brisk from start to finish and interest in Snapshot® Cues and Ferrules was incredible.  

We also sold lots of Kamui products.  I am an authorized Kamui distributor.  Kamui introduced their new glove and it is beautiful.  We sold lots of them as well as the Gator Grip, Chalk, Chalk Shark, and tips.

And Asia, who knows just about everybody and everybody knows her, went around to find all the pros and had them autograph my event program for me.  Thanks again Asia!

Thanks to Paul and Bob Ferry who helped us when we needed a break.  Thanks to John Bertone from Kamui who kept me supplied throughout the event.  Thanks to Dave Bucholtz for installing Snapshot® Ferrules and tips for me.  

I'm looking forward to next year.