Nathan Rose Goes Undefeated at Diamond Billiards Calcutta July 12 2015, 0 Comments

Diamond Billiards 1st Calcutta 9-Ball tournament drew 20 extremely talented players.  Exciting matches all day long ending with Nathan Rose going undefeated.  I'm happy and proud to be a sponsor of this young and very talented player.  Nathan is highly regarded as one of the best players in Florida and a pure joy to watch.  He uses one of my Snapshot® Jump/Break cues and will soon be testing my new Low Deflection Prototype Shaft.  I'm still working on final details and will release information on it soon.  

If you come to Ocala be sure to stop by my Pro Shop at Diamond Billiards at 2911 NE Jacksonville Rd.  Say hi to Doug and Paula.  Super nice people who treat you right!  Great food too!  Tell them Terry sent you.