Snapshot® Premium Tungsten Carbide Cue Stick Ferrules

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This is the home of the original, authentic and Patent Pending "Snapshot®" Tungsten Carbide Cue Stick Ferrule.  This revolutionary and exciting new Ferrule is the result of years of developing, testing and playing by real pool players.  It not only looks good, it plays good! Please check out this exciting new ferrule.  Impress your friends and your opponents!


ATTENTION CUE BUILDERS AND REPAIR PROFESSIONALS:  Here is an opportunity to significantly increase your business.  Interest in these new ferrules has been amazing and we are looking for qualified installers to recommend on this website to buyers.  We have recently added a new page to the navigation bar called "Recommended Installers" and will add your name, contact information and a link to your website.  The more you promote Snapshot® ferrules, the more money you can make.  


Available Now -  Snapshot® Pro Ferrules.  The Snapshot® Pro is thinner and lighter than the original Snapshot®.  However, they will have the same physical characteristics and will be available in the same OD sizes and in .50 inch, .75 inch and 1.00 inch lengths.