Snapshot® Pro Premium Tungsten Carbide Cue/Snooker Stick Ferrules


Introducing Snapshot® Pro Premium Tungsten Carbide Cue Stick Ferrules (shown with Navigator Japan ultra premium hand made tips)

The World's Best Ferrule

Now Available in Snooker Sizes!

These exciting new Snapshot® Pro Ferrules are made with a new lightweight formula but they have the same physical properties as our original Snapshot® Ferrule.  And they are available in the same Outside Diameters as our original Snapshot®.  However, what makes the Snapshot® Pro Ferrule different is that it has a thinner wall and it is available in 4 different lengths: 8.00 mm (.315 inch), 12.7 mm (1/2 inch), 19.05 mm (3/4 inch), and 25.4 mm(1 inch).  

They weigh approximately 2 grams (.071 oz) to 2.49 grams (.088 oz)

      8 mm long Snooker sizes - 

      9.00 mm OD - 2.0 grams (.071 oz.)

      9.50 mm OD - 2.15 grams (.076 oz.)

      10.00 mm OD - 2.32 grams (.082 oz.)

      10.50 mm OD - 2.49 grams (.088 oz.)


Snapshot® Pro incorporates state-of-the-art high-tech metal technology.  These ferrules are not just cut from a piece of tubing.  A mold is made for each size and each one of these ferrules is manufactured individually.  They are die cast under extremely high heat, diamond polished to a mirror finish and Laser Etched. Manufactured under strict tolerances and cutting edge metal technology these ferrules will resist scratching and will not break or discolor under harsh playing conditions.  

If you are looking for the best ferrule money can buy this is it.  Please buy one and give it a try.  You will not be disappointed.

 What are the advantages of Snapshot® Ferrules?

  1. They are extremely scratch resistant.  Chalk is very abrasive but won't scratch Snapshot® Ferrules.  Even 150 grit sandpaper won't scratch them.

  2. They won't rust or oxidize.  Snapshot® Ferrules contain no iron or steel that can rust.  

  3. They will not discolor or peel.   Snapshot® Ferrules are not plated.  Each one is die cast under extremely high heat and strict tolerances in a state-of-the-art facility.

  4. They will not shrink or expand.  Snapshot® Ferrules are extremely hard and will not shrink or expand.

  5. They will not crack even under harsh playing conditions.  Snapshot® Ferrules have been tested by real pool players and have been thoroughly tested.  

  6. They are available in 10 OD sizes and 4 lengths: 

           9.00 mm OD x 7.00 mm ID x 8.00 mm long

           9.50 mm OD x 7.50 mm ID x 8.00 mm long

          10.00 mm OD x 8.00 mm ID x 8.00 mm long

          10.50 mm OD x 8.50 mm ID x 8.00 mm long

              11.75 mm OD x   9.75 mm ID in these lengths - 12.70 (1/2"), 19.05 (3/4") or 25.4 (1 ")       

              12.00 mm OD x 10.00 mm ID in these lengths - 12.70 (1/2"), 19.05 (3/4") or 25.4 (1 ")

              12.25 mm OD x 10.25 mm ID in these lengths - 12.70 (1/2"), 19.05 (3/4") or 25.4 (1 ")

              12.50 mm OD x 10.50 mm ID in these lengths - 12.70 (1/2"), 19.05 (3/4") or 25.4 (1 ")

              12.75 mm OD x 10.75 mm ID in these lengths -12.70 (1/2"), 19.05 (3/4")or 25.4 (1 ") 

              13.00 mm OD x 11.00 mm ID in these lengths - 12.70 (1/2"), 19.05 (3/4") or 25.4 (1 ")  

          1/2 inch long - 3.5 grams (.13 oz.)

          3/4 inch long - 6 grams (.212 oz.)

          1 inch long - 8 grams (.282 oz.)     

          7.  They can be applied to your existing shaft.  How?  First, choose a size that is smaller than the OD of your shaft.  It is best to have your favorite cue repair person apply your new ferrule. Simply turn down your existing ferrule in a lathe to produce a tenon that is slightly smaller than the ID of your new Snapshot® Ferrule and about 1/16 inch longer.  Then thoroughly clean the ID of your New Snapshot® with alcohol or lacquer thinner.  Mix epoxy and thoroughly apply to both the inside of your new                 Snapshot® Ferrule and the outside of the tenon you just cut.  Apply the ferrule, allow to set and then work your shaft down with sandpaper to meet the OD of your new Snapshot® Ferrule.  IMPORTANT! You will work your shaft down to the Snapshot® Ferrule with sandpaper.  Don't sand too much.  DO NOT TRY TO TURN OR CUT YOUR SNAPSHOT® FERRULE IN A LATHE (You will break your tool or you will break your new ferrule).  Face off the extended tenon to your new ferrule being careful not to make contact with it.  Apply the tip of your choice and you are ready to play.  For the cue makers out there these same procedures apply to new shafts as well.  Again we recommend a reputable cue maker or repair person install your new ferrule.  See Install Guide for pictorial and videos.

          8.  They are extremely lightweight.  The Snapshot® Pro Ferrules are composed of a special, secret and proprietary lightweight formula of Tungsten Carbide and made to exact specifications.  Snapshot® Pro Ferrules weigh between 2.0 grams(.071 oz.) and 8 grams(.282 oz.) depending on the size. 

          9.  They produce a very solid hit and feel.  Snapshot® Pro Ferrules are designed so that the shaft tenon is extended all the way through the ferrule.  The unique thin wall design permits a larger tenon area and allows most of the forces to be transferred from the tip, through the tenon and up through the shaft. Some testers preferred a slightly softer tip than what they were used to. Most players who have tested cues with Snapshot® Pro Ferrules had reservations about how they would perform-until they started to play with them.

          10. Replacement guaranteed against manufacturing defects.  If you see any flaws we will replace it.  No quarantee once installed. will not be responsible in any way for any damages to cuesticks or shafts resulting from installation or use. 

    Thank you for your interest.  Impress your friends and your opponents.  Look for Snapshot® Ferrules on cue sticks everywhere.   

    Cue makers and repair professionals-Please contact us for installer wholesale pricing.

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