ZAN Tips are high quality laminated leather tips composed of eight or nine layers of pig and hog leather. For each hardness, specific leathers are used which gives ZAN tips solidity and high elasticity. Zan tips hold chalk exceptionally well, giving each player maximum control of cue ball direction and spin without miscuing. Zan Tips give every player a great amount of feel. This allows a player to put the cue ball anywhere they desire on the table, eliminating the guess work of finesse or power shots. Zan Tips are highly elastic due to the use of laminated hog and pig leathers, which allows them to maintain their level of hardness and shape. Zan tips are made with the finest leathers which are resistant to mushrooming, peeling, delamination and humidity. Zan Tips are handmade and each layer is specially laminated, which creates a comfortable and positive sound when you strike the cue ball.
  • Color: Blue
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Hardness: Soft, Medium, Hard
  • Layers: 8
  • Material: Hog Skin
  • Buyer: mikethom-54 (29)
    US $21.00

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