NEW! SNAPSHOT® Radial Joint Pro Taper Maple Cue Stick Shaft

$85.00 $90.00

  • AA Grade Canadian Maple
  • Black Collar or Black and White Checkered Collar
  • 29.25" Long
  • Pro Taper
  • 12.75 mm
  • 19.0 mm Long Linen Ferrule
  • Premium Jianying Medium Pro Layered Tip
  • Joint Size Is .840".  Note that this joint size may not be an exact match to your cue.  It does not mean the shaft is defective and will not affect the play-ability or efficiency in any way.   
  • Includes Free Tip Protector

Fits Any Cue Stick with a Radial Joint Including:
Dishaw (some)
DP (some)
Drexler (some)
Espiritu (some)
Jacoby (some)
Joss West (some)
Lucasi (some)
Mezz (some)
Nitti (some)
PFD (some)
Poison (some)
Predator after 2002 (some)
Samsara (some)
Tiger (some)

Customer Review:

Title: standard shaft
Rating: 5 stars
Author: gerald e jamieson (

Excellent value. Clear maple. straight. Would be nice if they offered different diameters. Would probably increase the price? Don"t see any difference with my 180 dollar shafts.Purchased to try a thicker mm shaft. Advanced player my cue is in the $3000.00 range.

On Fri, Oct 7, 2022 at 4:42 PM JOHN Wilson wrote:   Just purchased snapshot cue shaft, 5/16 18 non piloted from Ebay.  I would like to thank you for this fantastic item. I have an old Heubler cue and was unhappy with the tapper of the shaft.. I expected a period of adjustment.  Wow. I feel this shaft was made for my cue. Your card was in the package I received. I can understand why you would want to advertise and have your name associated with this item.

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got the shaft today over here in Malaysia from my freight forwarder. Logistics has been full of delays since the Covid-19 thing.

Anyway, it looks beautiful; fits on my cue butt like a glove; and hammers the rack like a truck. :)

I am loving it.


Best regards,


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