Price is $25 for 1 tip

Made in Japan, produced with the finest pig leather.

Navigator Automatic 14mm

Hardness SX/Extra Super Soft D:66

S/Soft D:71

M/Medium D:76

H/Hard D:82

Joining/Adhesive surface/GLUE specification

The Automatic tip has no artificial coloring and the pigskin has special manufacturing that takes 1 month to apply, that later seals in a dry room. Leather skin changes to high-quality leather with fine detail through the fact that it can be laid down in a place to keep constant low humidity with a unique process that makes it high quality.

The reason we call it the Automatic:

1 Regardless of hardness, there is minimal deformation.

2 It adapts to any shaft and speed you desire.

3 The consistency of the hardness will last a long time.

4 When applying chalk, there is a good feeling and plays with a soft touch and sound.

5 Minimum maintenance and less deformation.

Our current market is mainly to custom cue makers, billiard dealers and pool halls throughout the Japan. But our aim is to market in worldwide and we have achieved sales to Korea, Singapore, Belgium, Malaysia, USA and more currently.

Navigator tip's layers are laminated in a specialized method and using our company's customized adhesive which won't affect the leathers' hardness.

It is well known as a good chalk taker and protected against humidity. 
Navigator company customized tip for professional players in Japan. Aside of performance, we are using premium pigskin which allow tip maintenance easier.

Navigator tip are treated with our original resin,  on every layer to achieve longer bite on cue ball.

Also with the aid of the hi-density premium pig leather compared to other layered leather tip, hitting feedback and sounds are tremendously firm n crisp, lowest miscue rate and will not harden.

Imported from Japan, the Navigator layered tip consists of 100% Japanese premium pig skin leather. Navigator tips introduce a whole new perspective on cue tips.

Our unique procedures

Pig leather hand picking
High-tech gluing that does not use liquid glue
Natural, harmlessness dyeing
Quality control, 4 checks before completion

What makes our tips different?

Each tip is hand made by our superior craftsmen
We test our tips with Pro players & further improve with their feed backs
Great look & feel.
Humidity resistance, less mushroom, less miscues.

Snapshot Cues & Ferrules is an authorized Navigator Japan Dealer

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