Balance Rite™ Forward Weighting Cue Extension

$50.00 $60.00

The Balance Right Forward Weighting System instantly extends the length of your cue by 3 3/4" and is fully removable. Just screw this little baby in between your cue butt and shaft and go. No guesswork, and no clumsy, bulky tools to get in the way. If you're tall, this little wonder extension will save you from having to purchase a separate 31" shaft that can throw off your shot balance and may or may not fit in your case. If you're petite, give this extension a whirl to reach shots you've previously only been able to attempt with a bridge stick - while enjoying a full, natural stroke.

In both situations, you'll instantly get the extension you need; and the two ounce weight automatically readjusts the natural forward weight of your cue to accommodate the extra length for a perfectly balanced, perfectly fluid stroke. The Balance Right Forward Weighting System comes in 6 joint sizes (5/16 x 18, 5/16 x 14, 3/8 x 10, 3/8 x 11, Radial, and Lucasi Quick-release) and at 3 3/4", is small enough to fit into your case pocket.

Forward Weighting System Features
  • Instantly extends the length of your cue by 3 3/4"
  • Available in 6 joint sizes: 5/16 x 18 (will not fit Viking QR), 5/16 x 14, 3/8 x 10, Uni-Loc Quick Release, 3/8 x 11, and Radial
  • 2 ounces
  • Small enough to fit in your case pocket
  • Fully removable
  • Fits between the cue butt and shaft for optimal stability
  • Screws on and off in seconds
  • Eliminates the need for a bridge or separate over sized shaft
  • Readjusts the natural forward weight of the cue for a perfectly balanced, natural stroke
  • Gives tall people a correct stroke and short people the length they need for all situations
  • IMPORTANT!: The Balance Rite Cue Extensions are a universal product built to extend your cue 4".  However, your cue may not roll perfectly straight when installed on your cue since every joint facing is different.  Please take this into consideration when you are ordering.

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