SHAFT M-8 Pool Cue Shaft Cleaner and Conditioner

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Shaft-M8 is made from the same a space age material originally designed to polish the plexiglass canopy of military aircraft. It has 2400 grit on one side and 3200 grit on the other with a padded foam core to give you a better grip and a better more even finish than the thin disk or plastic film shaft conditioners. Use the black side first (2400 grit) then finish with the brown side (3400 grit).  Will not damage your shaft.  I do a lot of cue repair and cleaning and I use this product a lot.

Because the grit is woven into the cloth material it will not wear out.  So fine you can use it as much as you like without damaging or reducing the shaft diameter. Re usable. Simply wash with soap water and use it over and over.


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