$81.67 $82.49

NEW DUFFERIN D-202 CUE STICK 18 oz.  $81.67 (MSRP $90.74)

This timeless Dufferin cue features a marbled black & red Canadian Hard Rock Maple forearm and butt, sleek wrapless handle and Blue Elf tip.

  • Custom 5/16 x 18 joint
  • Quality Blue Elf tip
  • Full professional taper
  • Wrapless handle for a better slip stroke
                • Dufferin: A Legacy Of Quality

                  Long known for making some of the best one-piece bar cues on the market, Dufferin has taken that legacy of excellence and created a line of traditional-style two-piece cues designed to take your game even further - whether you’re on your home table, or out playing league.

                  Dufferin Cue Features

                  • 100% pure select Canadian Rock Maple cue butts and shafts
                  • Strict manufacturing control processes - including turning and drying the wood while straight up and down to ensure absolute straightness
                  • Quality Blue Elf tip
                  • 5/16 x 18 Joint
                  • Wrapless
                  • Full professional taper for a smooth stroke
                  • Exclusive high-gloss, ultra-smooth and scrape-resistant “UV” finish for longevity
                  • Cue Type
                     Playing Cue
                  • Joint Type
                     5/16 x 18
                  • Cue Tip
                     Blue Elf Tip
                  • Ferrule
                     1" Fiber Ferrule
                  • Shaft Diameter
                  • Shaft
                     100% Maple
                  • Joint Collar
                  • Wood Type
                  • Butt Cap
                     Black Implex
                  • Bumper
                     Black Rubber
                  • Weight Adjustable

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